We promote healthy eating throughout nursery life

As a nursery we understand how important it is that children get a healthy balanced diet. With this in mind we have given our menus lots of time and research.

During the day children have constant access to drinking water.  There is a snack time both in the morning and afternoon where children are offered different fruits, carbohydrates, milk and water.  These are all included in the fees.

At lunchtime a hot meal is provided at a cost of £2.60. Menus are on a 4 weekly rolling rota, further details and a sample menu can be provided upon request.

The meals and snacks we provide will give children the energy and nutrients to grow explore and develop to their full potential.

All diets catered for.

At tea time Leaping Lambs Nursery provides a cold meal at a additional cost of £1.55, again further details can be provided upon request.

If your child has any other dietary requirements we would be more than happy to accommodate these.

Please speak with a member of the team prior to your child starting with us.