Baby Room

We have a warm and welcoming baby room with lots of natural resources to encourage your littles ones development. A cosy corner with lots of books as well as lots of messy activities including paint, gloop and flour!

Toddler Room

Our unique toddler room has space for 12 toddlers.

This room provides variety of opportunities for our little lambs to play and explore! Open-ended resources and real-life objects always spark curiosity and wonder among the children.

Leaping Lambs enthusiastic members of staff plan activities based on interests and needs of the little ones, and a lot of naturally found objects will be used in the day-to-day activities to prepare our little lambs for forest skills sessions😊

Watch this space for the virtual tour of our room!


Leaping Lambs Keynsham preschool room has space for 25 children.

At Leaping Lambs, we are proud to introduce our preschoolers into Forest Skills activities on a day-to-day basis, where sticks, stones and leaves will find their new home!

Our open-ended resources and real-life objects are perfect combination for the preschoolers to act, imagine and wonder, and that is when the learning begins!

The activities planned for the little ones are based on their interests, and developmental needs.

At leaping Lambs, we encourage independence, risk taking, creativity, resilience, curiosity and to be yourself!

Watch this space for the virtual tour of our room!

Sensory Room

We are very lucky to have our sensory room for all the children to enjoy. Its a calming space where we can explore!


We love being outside and will go out twice a day whatever the weather!!! We also love trips out to the park and farm!

Forest School

Our enthusiastic Forest School Leaders will bring nature, curiosity, wonder and challenge into children’s learning. Thoughtfully planned activities where a wide range of hand-on experiences, exploration and supported risk taking will encourage children to engage in new experiences and find their own limits!

Nature is one of our greatest teachers!